Children’s Ministry

We teach children the Word of God and help parents rear their kids in the principles of the Word of God.

Ushers Ministry

The ushers meet and greet all members, guests, and friends during every service. They ensure that attendees find their seats and stay comfortable.

Security Ministry

This ministry is responsible for the general safety of our Church. They monitor the senior pastor, pastors, and the parking lot to ensure everyone’s security.

Event Planning Ministry

The members of this ministry are responsible for organizing social events for the Church.

Environmental Ministry

This ministry works to keep the church and its surroundings presentable. They help set the atmosphere for the worship and praise to the Most High.

Custodians Ministry

The custodians dedicate themselves to the maintenance of the church building.

Finance Ministry

This ministry is in charge of creating and managing the financial resources and annual budget of the Church.

Media Ministry

This ministry handles the sound system, videos, CDs, DVDs, advertising, programming, and all related media components.

Praise & Dance Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to using the art of dance for the praise and worship of the Lord.

Praise & Worship Ministry

The mission of the praise and worship ministry is to demonstrate the message of Christ, glorify His name, and empower the Body of Christ through song.